Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Facts - Panda

  • There are about 1,600 pandas living in the wild.
  • They have bigger teeth compared to the carnivores.
  • Despite being considered a carnivore, their diet is bamboo-based but they also eat other plants, fish and small rodents.
  • They have an extra finger on the front legs.
  • Pandas don't hibernate because they can't store fat from bamboo.
  • They take care of their offspring up to 6 months after birth, in caves and in tree holes.
  • They are expert tree climbers and swimmers.
  • They are solitary animals, they only meet when they are in heat.
  • They are originally from China.
  • It may take up to 16 hours eating bamboo.
  • A newborn panda is pink and small as a rat, weighing 1/900 the weight of its mother.
  • A female panda is in heat only for 72 hours a year.
  • They live about 20 years in the wild and 35 in captivity.
  • Female pandas begin to procreate at 4 years.
  • They are in danger of extinction.
  • In China is punishable by death to anyone who kills a panda.
  • They only have one calf every two years.
  • It's impossible to determinate their sex until it's 4 age.

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